Yad Hanadiv Trust operates in Israel on behalf of the Rothschild family. The fund’s roots are planted legacy of Baron Edmond de – Rothschild renewal of Jewish life in Israel from mid-19th century. The Fund operates in its current form since 1958, its guidance of an advisory committee headed by the Rothschilds. The committee is assisted by recommendations of the Jerusalem office staff, and unique role in providing opportunities to meet essential needs of modern society.

The fund has invested in building the Knesset and the Supreme Court in Jerusalem, the establishment of the Center for Educational Technology (CET), Institute for Advanced Studies at Hebrew University, Israel Educational Television Israel, Jerusalem Music Center, The Open University, Environment and Health Fund, and the Israel Leadership School (“blocks head “), and the distribution of scholarships and awards – the Rothschild name.

The Fund is engaged in contributions in education, environment, academic excellence, civil society and the Arab community. The fund finances the activities of the Nature Park and Memorial Gardens generous level – the burial place of Baron Edmond and Baroness Adelaide de Rothschild, and collaborates with the National Library proper planning an elaborate library of the State of Israel in the 21st century.


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