The National Insurance Institute participates in experimental social service funding, intending to encourage the professional bodies in the government sector, public and voluntary initiate, change, improve and build services based on research assessment accompanying experiment, as the end of the experiment they would take over responsibility for these organizations to run the service.

The Foundation’s goal to help organizations and professionals realize their dreams / visions for the benefit of the population.
Create opportunities to think and act professional field, and contribute to society to be more equitable with commitment and responsibility, faith and caring.
Improve services, strengthen communities and contribute to the fields of knowledge, information and resources for the benefit of society as a whole.

Fund for Demonstration Projects participates Development of welfare services Experimental community. The Foundation supports the development of services for insured groups of the National Insurance Institute, such as women / mothers, children, elderly, disabled, unemployed and reserve soldiers.

Participation in projects financed by the Fund may be multi-year (up to three years), when funding decreases from year to year. Budget of three years, the second year application height not exceed 90% of the budget plan this year and third year is not exceed 50% of the program budget this year.