The Azrieli Foundation is a Canadian philanthropic organization founded by David Azrieli, Azrieli Foundation’s mission is to support educational initiatives and programs to develop and run their object to promote access to education and excellence in various fields of knowledge. Azrieli Foundation:

  • Generously supports students in different academic learning paths through scholarships and grants.
  • promotes excellence in architecture and architectural education.
  • supports the research and medical and scientific education.
  • empowers middle school students through programs designed to reduce school dropout rates
  • supports Jewish communities by Jewish donations to educational institutions and promoting educational initiatives.
  • promotes education and research about the Holocaust and its commemoration.
  • supports Jewish education programs in blended families and their children abroad.
  • promotes quality of life and education for adults with developmental disabilities.
  • promotes excellence and education in music and the arts.

the numerous philanthropic programs supported by the Foundation, established and operates the Azrieli Foundation:

Azrieli Fellows Program: A program that promotes leadership and academic excellence among graduate students in Israeli universities.

The publishing program of Holocaust Survivors Memoirs (Canada) under the auspices of the Azrieli Foundation and the University of York

Azrieli Institute: a program aimed at youth at risk and encourage them to stay in education by reducing educational gaps, introducing life skills and giving parents tools to help them improve their family relationships.


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