The company allows the use of SMS platform, to collect funds for the associations. During the year there are dozens of campaigns for charities such as – ALS Association, Cancer Society, helped Zion, to give, Akim, and more.

Partner is a business organization, and as such acts for the existence of two – an open and ongoing dialogue with the community, and believes that real involvement in social activities.

Partner – Orange – the world’s leading communications company and Israel places great importance on community involvement and activities focus on the community especially in education technology and communications, and that in the geographic and social periphery of Israel, believing that education technology is a way to reduce social gaps.

Partner banner project initiated and launched in 2008 in which communications centers are established geographic and social periphery of Israel that allow the acquisition of knowledge and skills and communication technologies- the communication centers project in collaboration with Perach, as well as fun activities that contribute to better quality of life.

Partner adopts the past 4 years the regiment “bounce” – a battalion tank commander’s course of Armor Battalion and the Search and Rescue Dawn. Adoption including financial contributions to fund the battalion’s formation activities such as hiking, sports days, rites of outstanding soldiers.