New Israel Fund Institution based in Washington, “Social Capital Opportunity”. It is active in a variety of topics available in the public arena, through financial support and care of hundreds of organizations dealing with human rights, religious pluralism, co – existence between Jews and Arabs, and promoting women’s empowerment and environmental issues. The fund operates the center of SHATIL that provides support and advice associations, especially to those supported by the Fund.

The fund was established in California in 1979 by Drs Jonathan Cohen and Eleanor Friedman recruiters – professional contributions. Since its establishment in 1979 she gave more than $ 200 million to about 800 different organizations. 30% of the money in the fund department activities aimed at promoting directed the Israeli Arabs and to compare their status to that of Jews in Israel.

In July 2011, the Foundation donated tents and advertising signs in Thousands of dollars for the protest tent.

Besides the main branch in Jerusalem, the Foundation operates sub branches Beer – Sheva, Haifa, Lod and Baka al – Gharbia. As to 2010 employed in the New Israel Fund and of SHATIL 130 employees.


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