jewsJewish is The oldest Abrahamic religions. According to the Jewish tradition its dating back to Moses in Egypt, while the sons of Israel, the Hebrews, which estimated number of adherents between 13.2 – 15.4 million Jews. Although, the Jewish population in itself is a controversial issue on the issue of “Who is a Jew”?.

Jews from the ethnic of the High Commissioner who lived northern of the Arabian Peninsula, according to the Torah. The origin of Jews back to the great-grandfather Abraham, his son Yitzhak then his son Jacob and his twelve sons that from them came the sons of Israel who lived in the ancient Egypt and then moved to the desert of Sinai, where they were given the Torah from God by Moses.

Since the second century AD, the Jews took deployed around the world, in many countries throughout history. Since the mid-20th century Jews concentrated in Israel and North America with the presence of smaller communities in Europe, South of America and Iran.

Jewish immigration to Israel has always been, since the end of the 19th century it began to increase in large groups to set up many kibbutzim and many localities who called themselves “Jewish community”.

After the Holocaust, the German concentration camps that killed many Jews and the hatred of Jews in Europe led to a solution of jewish concentration in one place and it is Israel. That’s what caused the Holocaust survivors and the Israeli community to not rely on others, just to defend on themselves by starting to bring the Jews secretly on boats and ships from Europe to the country of Israel. Who was caught was returned back, Until the “Exodus” the famous ship was caught (the passengers ship), that made an uproar media around the world which caused to release the passengers who was caught in britian and bring them on that ship back to the port of Haifa.

Israel got independence in the date of 14 May 1948. The Jewish community brought the independence to the country with the vote was held in November 1947 by the United Nations, who proposed a partition plan of Commission with Most countries that supported the establishment of Israel. Most countries that about 33 countries, supported the establishment of the Israel country, 10 states abstained and 13 were against.