Friedrich-Ebert-StiftungFriedrich Ebert Foundation is a German fund ideologically committed to the Social – democracy, pluralism and international cooperation. The fund was founded in 1925 in the spirit of the political legacy of Friedrich Ebert, the first president who took power in democratic elections in Germany. Outlawed in 1933 and was re-established in 1947, the Fund continued to promote the idea of ​​social – democracy and the development of political awareness.

The main fields of operation of the fund are:

– Social solidarity

– Democratic Culture

– Innovation and Involvement

– Globalization based on solidarity

Friedrich Ebert Foundation has been active in Israel since the 60s and opened the office in Tel- Aviv in 1978. Since then, the Foundation is committed to strengthening the connections between Israel and Germany, the memory of the past, social justice and social values ​​- democratic.

Achieving these organization objectives operates in collaboration with local organizations to develop projects together in the spirit of democracy, equality and co – existence.