France is one of the best friends of Israel that many successful businesses and prosperous country under the direction and ownership of French Jews who did not forget the state of their fathers and grandfathers – the State of Israel.

In France there is a large Jewish community Considered one of the communities affecting the country as it has very high position in the industry, the French economy and especially in politics.

France’s Jewish community supports and identifies with the Israeli people and the State of Israel and the donations it ensures most residents are going to strengthen national security and defense of the Jewish people

In addition to the many donations that are transmitted over the country and support the French Jewish community institutions and other centers. One of the Jewish communities that is very identified with her ​​Israeli country and the homes of grandparents are French Jewish people who sent the donations are collected each year to Israeli country on about a million dollars, may mostly, that goes to educational institutions, religious institutions, industrial and economic support, political support and much more …