Arison was born in New York in the United States to Mina and Ted Arison. Ted, her father, born in Zichron Yaacov and raised in Tel Aviv, early 50s coming to the United States with his wife and son Mickey (born 1949) and turned private initiative. At first it was a great success in business, but later became rich thanks to the success of the company that operates recreational boats founded in 1972, Carnival Cruise Lines.

By 1991, when immigration to Israel, Ted Arison set up with his daughter Shari The Family Foundation By Ted Arison.In 2011 was selected by the magazine The Marker, Israel’s largest donor in absolute values ​​is estimated Of assets and investments Fund sums of money – currently contributes to various publications by $ 25 million each year.

the yield of the Arison Family Foundation contributes to various institutions in Israel, mainly in health, research, sports art and education disabilities. Foundation operates three groups:” Mahout Hachayeem “,” Ruach Tova ” and” Kolano Yahad “.

“Arison Group” include:
Bank Hapoalim
Israel Salt Industries
Shikun & Binui